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Juvia sexual
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Gruvia kids ,Grisa, Jack and Silver …junior 

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"Please, tell me you’re not gonna go like them… like my mom, like my dad… like Ur, please Juvia, stay, don’t go."

"Juvia is gonna stay with Gray-sama, forever"


Dude I make myself cry

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「Silver ♠」
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things i like → flowers

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How would Gray, Juvia and Silver’s happy life turn out in the future?

Damn… In any case Mr Silver is dead, dead..dead..
Even though he is such a nice guy..Gray lost so many close people.. (sob-sob).. It’s sad but he has friends that support him, and maybe some day he will notice that. Some day.. Though Mr Silver is dead, he and Gray made up. I’d like for Silver’s human life to’ve been a happy one..Gray-sama’d call him “Dad!”, no.. he’d call him “Father”, but that’s good too.

BTW, I’m sure that if Juvia had seen that moment between Gray and his dad, she’d burst into tears. I want her to’ve seen that..But Juvia wasn’t there, so it’s impossible, I understand that. Juvia doesn’t have a family and I’d like for her to have someone she could call “Father”.
It’s sad that Mr. Silver can’t be a real father…But I’m happy that even after his “death” he is looking after Gray and Juvia..

doujinshi by ジングルベルベル=ポンチョリン

translated by me

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Gray and Juvia’s daughter

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gray didn’t want a bunch of perverts creeping on his girlfriend guild mate

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Chapter 393 Reaction part 2

1st picture: This chapter was so heart wrenching. Before this chapter, I didn’t really care for Silver. I only cared that Silver was there because it would explore Gray some more. Now everything hurts and I care far too much for Silver and I don’t want him to die (At the same time I don’t want a cop out) 

2nd picture: I love thinking about Silver watching the GMG. I imagine he would be like Gildarts when he was watching Cana do fairy glitter. As for the side note: with THAT scene coming up in the anime, it makes me sad to think that either Gray or Silver was going to end up losing each other twice. ( I kind of picture Silver crossing out Gray’s name on the grave and then if he found out Gray died during the dragon attack he would be like “Fuck my life I just crossed it out!)

3rd picture: I’m REALLY excited for the next chapter. I am a mess right now and I demand some Juvia action.

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